EMPRO-250 supplies

”Preventive maintenance prevents malfunctions and extends working life of the device.”


The pre-filter set should be changed at least on device yearly maintenance and if needed more frequently. Clogged filters cause malfunctions. Never use the device without pre-filters! Don’t try to clean pre-filters! Pre-filter set contains 20µm, 1µm and active carbon filter, length 20”.
Price: 52€ (ALV 24%)


If the device is stored in cold or low temperatures. Antifreeze must be driven inside the device before freezing temperatures and also pumped out of water according instruction manual. Ten liter canister of antifreeze is enough for one device. Antifreeze is a food market approved and free of toxins.
Price: 92€ (ALV 24%)


Clogged membranes (Device haves two membranes) should be replaced when water capacity is reduced too low. Normal life span of the membranes is over 5 years when maintenance program is followed. The life span can be prolonged significantly when membranes are flushed according instructions manual.
Price: 800€ (ALV 24%)